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Long time... no post: Utah 1 of many...

It has been a while since last post... days become months when you decide to do it later. Between Instagram and Facebook it seems that nobody watch websites anymore. But still I'm going to give some entertainment to the folks who spend their time looking deeper. The following articles are going to be a little resume of what has happened in this months, but once I catch up with it, I'm going to keep feeding it. New projects are coming, and this is the best way to give them a foundation.

Back in February, I had to go with my partner (Rodolfo Remien) to Salt Lake City for business, so, we fly over but that didn't meant that we couldn't have fun. The real Overlander spirit finds its ways to get some adventure, and when we were finished with our job we started to explore in our rented car, first we went to Park City and down town, then we decide to go to Moab to have a "full day" of fun.

After a quick visit to downtown and Utah State Capitol, we wake up next morning with Moab in our mind. I can't get tired of going to Utah and Moab is definitely a paradise for the adventurer and outdoor lover. We went to the Moab Tour Company and get ourselves a UTV and a guide. Best thing you can do if you are not familiarized with all the trails and have no experience at all with UTVs. A very nice guy (sorry I forget your name) took us at a very nice pace, to Fins and Things with Rodolfo behind the wheel, and then to baby Lion's Back and Hell's Revenge with me in the driver spot.

I have to admit that even if I have enjoyed all my off road trips in my Land Cruiser, doing these trails in an UTV was amazingly better!! all the obstacles that takes you minutes in a truck are like a speed bump in an UTV. I fell in love with this vehicles and their capabilities, and till now I think is the best way to explore this kind of terrain and have more fun in less time. If you ever go to Moab, you have to try one.

But nothing last forever and we had to come back to SLC, after we finished what we had to do, I start exploring the famous mountains and ski resorts that surround the City, was very nice to find some snow and cold. All this things took us just 5 days, so there is no excuses when you travel somewhere even if it is for work, get out and enjoy all that is out there, there is no other life to do it.

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