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Going To Utah... Again!

Sometimes you mix work with pleasure, that would be the best way to live, only working in what you love, but if you can't... at least try.

For business reasons I'm going to be traveling to Utah several times a year, the perfect pretext to take my 80 and leave her there so every time I have to go I can explore the beautiful outdoors that Utah has to offer. But first, I have to drive the 2,500 miles to get there. I took it slowly this time, 3 days driving an average of 12 hours daily and sleeping in hotels were enough to get me there.

Just a little snow in the mountains when I was getting close to Salt Lake City, but the second night... boom! a snow storm left everything white, shame I hadn't too much time to get around this time, but still, I went out exploring the mountains close to Centerville and have the opportunity to visit the Land Cruiser heritage museum again thanks to an invitation from Kurt Williams, there were a meeting of the Wasatch Cruisers "club". Too much snow and a broke front ring and pinion (from a trip in Florida) didn't allow to get further in my exploring, but enough ideas I got for the next trip. The good thing is, I just have to fly and get my 80 to go out and explore, no more 2,500 miles driving!

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