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Great Sand Dunes

Our night rest was a bit Longer than expected because we were extremely tired.  We woke up around 11am and went to wash our clothes, we have already a week on the road and we have not done any laundry.   After the laundry chores and updating the web page, we went out towards the dunes.  The view was spectacular, huge dunes surrounding an arid valley and the mountains splashed with snow in their top.  When we got to the base of the rock formations, we went out of the car and began walking to take some pictures and video, which got to be very difficult due to the sand brought by the strong winds that damaged our electronic equipment, I spent more than a half an our cleaning the camera’s automatic focus in order to take the pictures.

After this great walk through the dessert, we went back to our camp to rest during the frigid night; unexpectedly the temperature went down to 0 centigrade degrees during…Something super exciting if you have the adequate equipment.

The next day we continue our journey, but we couldn’t go on without stopping at the famous Zapata Falls, a waterfall on the right side of the valley formed by the melt waters of the ice tops of the mountains.  Walking in its icy waters, with our feet almost frozen, we enjoyed this strange and diverse environment due to the contrast between the sand, the water, the Rocks and the ice.

From there we continued on the dunes going through Medano Pass, a road that at the beginning presents itself as a rideable sand road but afterwards becomes a zigzagging road through creeks and burned trees, everything surrounded by incredible greenery.

We drove through this road during many hours, taking many pictures and videos, until we got to our goal, Gunnison. Here we decided to look for a hotel since we were exhausted; we stayed on the most convenient hotel, the one with wifi.  We relax a bit until midday, to start again on the spectacular routes of Colorado going north, but with a stop at Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

This is a majestic canyon made of dark rock and the ravines that impose respect to even the bravest person recharged us with the adrenaline needed to continue our journey towards Grand Junction.

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