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1st Overlanders Xperience 2019 Irenko Cup

The first event of the year was a complete success. Competitors arrived at our base camp since noon till a little after midnight on February 22nd.

It was a real pleasure to watch so many people coming to participate in each category, they lined up in technical inspection site where all the requirements were verified while the participant's registration was checked by our staff, ID Members cards were issued and the welcome pack was given. After a few minutes participants with their vehicles, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and RV's were organized in the field in order to have a nice camp set and enjoy the rest of the night.

Early in the morning, after breakfast offered in the campground amenities, the start line was completely full with all the vehicles aligned in order to depart. Modified, Standard and Motorcycles had a route from 147 miles to 265 miles to cover that day, sand, dirt, some mud and other obstacles were along the way. After almost 3 hours of driving, Standard category had their first special challenge, a circuit with a narrow trail between trees ended with a sandy uphill, you could feel the adrenaline of the competitors trying to overcome the obstacle as fast as they could. Little by little all competitors continued they route, some of them couldn't finish and had to be rescued by our team (motorcycles) or other friend teams but either way they were returning to base camp and surrounding the big mud hole to try a special challenge for that afternoon, but only 3 teams tried because it was impassable. There were nothing more to do than have dinner and enjoy the meeting at our stage to hold the raffle of a Dobinsons Fridge (donated by Dobinsons USA) and other gifts (donated by Luxtires).

Sunday was a really good day for everyone, all the competitors had more fun, and the challenges were more difficult. Modified Category had a blast! only 6 teams out of 15 could get to the finish line. It was really a Fun day, we can't wait to do it again, just take a look at the pics and videos and you will understand how fun it was.