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It is not easy to describe the beauty of the Capanaparo river, all those who have had the opportunity to see it become in love with it and can not wait to come back…

As many years before, 12 to be exact, we decided to spent the first day of January on Finca  Santa Josefina (Capanaparo, Edo. Apure), but this time the number of participants grew a lot.  One group went on December 29 to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the Carrasquel Family, the rest of the people catch  us on January 1st.

A total of 16 vehicles and 45 people shared an unforgettable week full of adventure and comradeship in an incomparable atmosphere, thanks to the beautiful savannas, dunes, rivers and sunsets found in Estado Apure.   The days were spent fishing, on the beach and driving around the area, enjoying the wonderful breakfasts and dinners prepared by our dear Lala.

Having no phone signal or a nearby city, it was the best way to get disconnected from the rest of the world and merge with nature, without any type of stress and enjoying the company of good friends.

I have no doubt that we will continue enjoying this expedition every year and that the number of admirers of this beautiful land where we have so much fun will increase every time

The Capanaparo River is a river of Colombia and Venezuela, has an area of ​​650 km., Of which about 225 run in Colombian territory. It is part of the Orinoco River basin. Its headwaters are located in the department of Arauca, Colombia. Flows west - east through the Venezuelan state of Apure, feeding the Orinoco river by the left margin. In its lower course through the Santos Luzardo National Park, in an area of ​​sand dunes (dunes) and estuaries.

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