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Glacier & Waterton NP

Driving along the high plains in Montana, we got to Great Falls to re-stock supplies and wash the vehicle, in order to avoid trouble crossing the Canadian border.  We were surprised to see so many casinos in this city and that the liquor stores are only inside these casinos, charging incredible high prices compared to Florida.  Gradually we realized that everything is more expensive the northerly you go.

We arrived to the Glacier NP entrance at night (although the sun is still up)  so we decided to camp for the night and continue the next day.  The campground where we stayed it’s located at the base of a snow covered mountain and the wind chill factor made the temperature very low.  Yoyo and Sergio had a very rough night due to the cold and their problems with their tents and sleeping bags, on the other side, I slept wonderfully on my Anaconda tent that protect me from the cold and the wind.  At 6am, Yoyo woke me up to continue our journey, he couldn’t take the cold any longer.

Once inside the park, the views were spectacular…mountains, snow, pine trees and lakes…paradise for those who enjoy the cold.  Driving along the park, we got to the Canadian border, where after showing our passports and some questions about our complicated expedition, we continued our way.  And I say complicated, because it not every day that the Canadian border officers admit a German, a Peruvian and an Italian on a Venezuelan SUV…ja ja ja…let’s just say that we are globalized!

Waterton NP is the Canadian part of the Glacier NP.  Here we got to see the famous Prince of Wales Hotel, a beautiful building located at the lake shore with an impressive view of the snow peaked mountains and obviously with also impressively high rates.

After visiting this park, we continue our way to our next destination: Banff NP.

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