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Grand Junction

One of the best decisions we took was to stay in this city.  We arrived to one of the famous KOA campgrounds where we had the opportunity to meet Celia Fournier and David Wiltgen, an exceptional couple with whom we enjoyed unforgettable and enriching moments.

The first night, David introduced us to some friends who could help us with some repairs the Land Cruiser needed and then we talked for hours next to the campfire until very late, and obviously enjoying  a nice barbecue.  The next day, Celia took us to a car parts and repair shop called 4×4 Safari ( where they changed the car’s oil and welded the exhaust that cracked on one of the dirt roads.  They not only did the repairs without having an appointment, they also gave us caps and stickers.

While the car was being repair, Celia gave us a tour around the city, lunch, and afterwards to the Western Colorado Museum (where her mother works), we also went for ice cream where we had the best Toffee ice cream ever and finally after picking up the Land Cruiser we went to Colorado National Monument,  an impressive place where we could take many lots of pictures and enjoy the view.

Back at the camping, Celia and David invited us to a delicious dinner at their RV, and gave us a bottle of wine from Colorado to drink in Alaska, a very special present that we will enjoy when we get to our final destination.

The next day we shared breakfast with our new friends, we had arepas and “revoltillo” at the best Venezuelan style.  Sadly we said our goodbyes, promising to stay in touch since this is a kind of friendship that one should appreciate and maintain during our lives.  But we must continue with our itinerary so we started towards Moab, in Utah, and obviously we did it through a secondary dirt road, so we could enjoy the wonders that nature offers in these latitudes

At 2,500 meters over sea level and after 3 hours, a gravel road led us to Moab, the birthplace of 4×4 in United States and one of most populated spots due to the summer vacations.  There was so much people, that it took us 2 hours to find an available campground, finally we got installed and now I am writing this article that only transmit a small part of great experience this adventure is engraving for ever in our souls.

Tomorrow starts the off-road fun…Moab, a paradise for those who enjoy this sport

Members of Alaska OX: Johannes “Yoyo” Valero, Sergio Pinillos and Luis Vassallo.

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