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Travesia 6 Fronteras

South America

This expedition was one of the most amazing ones. We started our trip from Maracaibo, Venezuela in order to traverse 6  borders  and live the culture of our brother nations. In our trip we could taste the different flavors of the typical food, the customs, the people generosity and the spectacular scenery that mother nature has to offer. We did some "Extreme"  Sports at different locations, including;   paragliding, canyoning, rappel, zip lines, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, downhill bike, ATV trips, etc... it was a once in a lifetime trip in the most gorgeous locations you can imagine.  

I wrote the travel diary in Spanish because is my native language and haven't had the time to translate it, but sometimes the pictures of a trip can say more than words. Of course there are a lot of anecdotes to share and I hope to get  it done soon. In the meantime...

Countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Brasil.

Duration: 31 days


Venezuela: Maracaibo – Colombia: Santa Marta – Cartagena – Medellín – Cali – Pasto – Ecuador: Quito – Baños de Aguasanta – Guayaquil – Salinas – Montañita – Guayaquil – Arenillas – Perú: Tumbes – Piura – Trujillo – Lima – Ica – Nazca – Cuzco – Machu Picchu – Puno – Bolivia: Copacabana – La Paz – Oruro – Uyuni – Oruro – Cochabamba – Santa Cruz de la Sierra – San Matías – Brasil: Cáceres – Porto Velho – Humaitá – Manaus – Boa Vista – La Línea – Venezuela: Santa Elena de Huairén – Ciudad Bolívar – Puerto la Cruz – Caracas



Luis Vassallo (Pilot) Lorenzo Caballero (Copilot)

Jesús villalobos (Pilot) Roberto Riso (Copilot-Mechanic)

Enrique Soto (Pilot) Edwin Gerka (Camera man)

Pictures: Members.

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