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Just Around Salt Lake City... Mountains

I had to fly again to SLC, and this time I took plenty of time to get and explore the surroundings. As soon as i got to the airport, took an Uber to State Automotive to pick up my 80. Thanks to Dustin, she was ready with new front gears and I was happy to meet her again!. I went to the warehouse and started working in order to finish as soon as possible and have some time to have fun. It is amazing to have so many destinations in a small radio of distance, just 20 minutes from work and I was already entering the Wasatch National Forest. Going up by the mountain using a dirt road is always fun and bring me so many memories... I love mountains, I lived in Caracas (Venezuela) most of my life and was so used to watch the mountains around the city that to live in Florida sometimes makes me feel drowned.

I kept driving by the zigzagging road impressed by the view of the valley and the other mountains in the horizon. After a while, I got to the Radar Station at Francis Peak. Due to the snow in the road (already iced), I couldn't continue to where I wanted to go but the 360 degrees view from there was amazing. I came down from the mountain at sunset and planned to come again earlier another day.

Finally I could took an entire day to explore, so I went up to the mountains again, but this time I was headed to Bountiful Peak. Going up, I found some "ATV/4x4 Only" trails, I took one of them and the fun really started. The only thing was that I had to be more cautious while driving because I was alone at all and the need of a spotter was sometimes imperative, still I enjoyed the trails, the green of the trees, the red of the dirt and the nice weather were just perfect.

After a while, I made it to the peak and had lunch watching the spectacular view of the valley. I'm astonished with the beauty of Utah, every single piece of the state that I explore has a wonderful landscape to offer, definitely is a blessed land.

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