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Loma de los Aceites

A Friday night we parted towards Estado Guarico, specifically to El Sombrero. We spent the night at the “Los Muchachos” ranch, invited by our dear friend “Chewbacca”. The next morning we took the road to the famous National Park Aguaro-Guariquito hoping to enjoy the natural pools since we were almost at the end of the raining season.  We were not surprised to find flooded roads, which are normal in these grounds during this time of the year, so little by little we went deeper into the plains going through the bursted riverbanks with relatively easiness.

Zona inundada en Aguaro

After a while of fun driving we arrived to “loma de los aceites” (oil hill), where we could not resist the temptation of playing on the hills among ditches and cracks breaking some transmissions and taking pictures of all the green surrounding us.  The view is simply spectacular, it does not matter how many times you have seen it, it always makes you sigh and obviously take a picture. After this prolonged session, we continue our trip towards  Pozo Azul (Blue Pool) but it was green because the waters are not so translucent during this time of the year.  After a refreshing swim and some hot dogs, in the afternoon we decided to drive to El Deleite (White Water on the GPS) where we enjoyed a relaxing sunset amused by the bites of the small fishes found in these waters.

Pozo Azul

It was already night when we got back to the ranch to enjoy a delicious barbecue that went on almost until dawn.

On Sunday, we took things calmly.  As suggested by our hosts, we stayed on the ranch’s lake, where we played like children on the puddle and mud.  In the afternoon, we say our goodbyes to this wonderful land promising to come back soon.  On this trip: Luis Vassallo - Jean-Pierre Herrera - Roberto Padron - Cesar Castro

Loma de los Aceites

The Aguaro-Guariquito National Park (Parque Nacional Aguaro-Guariquito) is located in the central plain region of the south in the Guarico state, Venezuela. It has an area of 560,000 Hectares or 1,383,800 Acres approx. 

Vista del llano
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