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Moab 2

Sergio’s friend, Joseph, met us at Newspaper Rock, a rock where you can see prehistoric petro glyphs done during many generations and their meaning is still unknown.  In Canyonlands National Park, Joseph took us to a road I hadn’t visit on my previous expeditions, Elephant Hill.   This a road specially designed for 4×4, it has variable slopes, loose and solid rocks, and it is narrowed by a ravine and full of difficult curves.  One part was so difficult, that we had to do it backwards all the way.  In our specific case, things get more complicated since our vehicle it’s designed for long expeditions, it weighs more and it is also longer than the vehicles that usually come through this road.

With the help of Sergio and Yoyo who gave me directions from outside the vehicle while at the same time taking pictures and video, we could continue without problems, there were just some parts where I thought we will fall into the ravine, but thank God everything went fine and we arrived to Confluence Overlook, a viewpoint from where you can observe the confluence of Green River and the Colorado River, a place that invites you to stay and enjoy, but as always the way back was very long and as complicated as it was earlier, so we could only stayed one hour appreciating this impressive view

The next day, we took a new route in Canyonlands NP, one that took us to Musselman Arch. An incredible arch, that different to others, was formed by mud slides and not from wind erosion.  We had the idea of taking pictures while walking on top of it, but only Sergio had the opportunity to do it because when we got to the arch a very intense wind started blowing and half way on it, Sergio had to throw himself to the ground to avoid being swept down the abysm.  Due to this wind and since we heard on the radio that a storm was coming, we decided to go back to the cars and get out of the canyons as soon as possible, since narrow and slippery muddy gravel roads are not the safest during a storm…

We went back to Moab to eat something and walk around town to buy some souvenirs, and then back to the campground to do some laundry and have a nice chat inside the cars since it was raining a lot and it was also very cold.  Fortunately for me, I sleep on an Anaconda tent ton top of the SUV, I slept perfectly well all night dry and cozy, but I can’t say the same thing about Sergio who woke up totally drenched, with water even in his pillow and without having slept at all… disadvantages of ground tents.

We pick up the camp and continued to our next stop… Salt Lake City.

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