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Banff & Jasper NP

Banff, Canada

When we arrived to the town of Banff, we were impressed by its beauty.  The streets showed luxurious hotels and buildings.  The problem for us were the prices, of course.  After visiting the city along with the many tourists that come to this town, we went to a campground accessible to our budget and enjoyed a hot barbecue since it got colder as the sun went down, around midnight.


This park is exclusively for those who enjoy skiing, it must really be congested on winter.  But since in this season there is only hiking and cycling, we continued to Jasper NP.


In this park, similar to the previous one, we had the opportunity to see a Glacier, next to the road you can appreciate an ice giant and see clearly water emanating from its lower part, water that flow in abundance feeding the rivers and giving them life.  There you can find a huge tourist center that offers guided tours to the glacier on very unusual buses, they are buses with giant caterpillars instead of tires that can be driven on the snow.  We were stunned with the amount of tourists there, we had not imagined to find people from so many different parts of the world coming to such remote and unknown place.


After the respective pictures and video, we continued our way with a short stop in Jasper, where we ate some very costly hamburgers, as everything in Canada.  I should mention that currently the Canadian dollar is above the American dollar, at a rate of 0.95 to 1, so the price of gasoline is 1.34 dollars per liter.

Jasper Canada

According to schedule, we arrived to Prince George.  A very large city, but as costly as the others, so we found the cheapest hotel with internet access and were we could do laundry because after a week we could say we were starting to smell.  Tomorrow a marathon drive to White Horse…  This is the Overland life.

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