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Australia... everybody know that is far away, but it really is far away... I mean it.  Just to get there from Caracas, Venezuela, took us 42 hours total, not to mention the 45 days that took the freight of the 3 Land Cruisers to get to Melbourne and another 45 days to get them back. It really was a challenge, but it worth every effort. We had the chance to discover so many different things in that land, for us coming from South America  it was a all new world. We had the opportunity to watch some of the more interesting animals of the continent: Giant bats, Dingoes, poisonous jellyfish, huge crocodiles, snakes, dromedaries, emus, kangaroos and Koalas in our trip.  Vast deserts, awesome beaches, huge rocks, different kind of forest, rivers and mud were all in the same country, the nuisance of the flies, the heat, the cold... It's just  an experience that you would love to live again.  Of course I wrote a travel daily but in Spanish... so let the pics talk for me.

Gregory National Park

Country: Australia

Duration: 43 días


Melbourne – Adelaide – Leigh Creek – Coober Pedy – Uluru National Park (Ayers Rock)- Alice Springs – Devil’s Marbels – Gregory National Park – Darwin – Tennant Creek – Mount Isa – Townsville – Fraser Island – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise – Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne.

Rui Mendes (Pilot) René Mendes (Copilot)
Luis Vassallo (Pilot) Juan Godoy (Copilot)
Enrique Soto (Pilot) Andrés Muñoz (Copilot-Mechanic)
Oscar Blanco (Camera man)

Pictures: Members.

Gregory NP Australia

Australia is just about adventure, the outback is amazing, lonely and huge, the east coast is just wonderful and Fraser Island is a gem that everybody should visit. The Gregory National Park  was a challenge for us crossing  rivers and fighting mud when it took us 3 days to recover one of our trucks that was stuck. 

Fraser Island

This is just a sample of the thousands of pictures that we took, don't forget to watch the video that was broadcasted by Fox Sports Latin America and the gallery below.

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