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About Us

Who we Are

Overlanders Xperience was created by Luis Vassallo merging a team of professionals in different areas, who share a common passion for adventure and ecotourism, than after more than 25 years of traveling the world in different groups have decided to undertake more ambitious and extreme projects.
The team has extensive experience in: 4 x 4 vehicles driving, mechanics, rescue, satellite navigation, professional photography and video, certified scuba diving (P.A.D.I), first aid courses and extreme sports. Gather all kinds of skills to encourage international expeditions of high demand and preparation, the Overlander way.

What is an OVERLANDER?

Anyone with spirit of adventure and is eager to travel the world Knowing different ways to think and live. A person who wants to feel the everyday living in each region visited, following its customs, eating their typical dishes, walking in its streets as a local; browse the paths that lead to discover the native part of each country, beyond the guides and tourist routes. An overlander travels the world in different ways always using terrestrial means, crossing borders and discovering new horizons.


Organize competitions and expeditions to the most extreme and secluded places in 4 x 4 vehicles, documenting the experiences in video, photographs and articles that inspire to get on an adventure to discover the world, promoting responsible recreation in the environment with the use of motor vehicles and the practice of non-conventional sports, instructing on the diversity of ecosystems, races, customs and peculiarities of each region.


Overlanders Xperience is our way to teach and show how to explore the outdoors having fun with your friends and family, from the rookies to the experts, we have a variety of challenges and environments to enjoy  competing with other overland enthusiasts and learning more places to visit and explore. 


  • Encourage the conservation of the environment in off-road sports and raise general awareness through education and participation in the protection of our natural resources

  • Constitute ourselves as the event reference for all those lovers of adventure and 4 x 4

  • Be an inspiration for others to get out and explore new horizons in the Overland way.

Luis Vassallo

Founder of Overlanders Xperience

Since very young he started  to explore every corner  of Venezuela, where he lived most of his life. Growing up in a country with so many beautiful nature landscapes  inspire him to discover more and more, so he spent his youth exploring every corner of the country, from Castilletes to Macuro and from Canaima to Los Andes. He participated in the most famous rally in South America  known as Fun Race, 17 times, Then started doing international expeditions with different groups that took him to travel through several countries that includes: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, United States Of America, Mexico, Canada and Australia. All those trips were part of sponsored expeditions that were broadcasted by TV Channels in South America and published in several media. Once he moves into the United States, he started exploring as much as he could, doing more than 30 states already and participating in the Overland Challenge Series getting 3rd and 1st Place  in his both performances.

As part of his personality, he is always planning the next venture and looking forward to share his experience  and  inspire others to explore the world.

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