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Grand Teton & Yellowstone NP

We decided to stay another night in Jackson, Wyoming, regretfully not to know it better, but to write this blog, sort and select pictures, download videos on the hard drives and upload updates on the web page.  These are the most difficult tasks while in an expedition, because they take time out from the fun and rest, and also delay us a bit, but if we don’t do it we risk forgetting some of the multiple things we do along the way.  We travel so many kilometers each day and visit so many places that a day seems never ending…but these are experiences are a life, a true life experience, not the one in the city or at work that so many cling to.

Almost immediately as we were on the road again, we found an example to follow.  An Australian couple (about 65 years old) who 8 months ago bought an RV and started traveling around United States.  When we asked them how much more will they be travelling, they told us that around 5 or 6 months more…it’s so nice to see people enjoying life to the fullest!

If I were to tell you about all the people I have met that travel on their RVs, motorcycles or SUVs around the world I would need hundreds of pages…just one example was a big expedition truck we met at a gas station, the tags were from Switzerland so that got me curious and went to talk to the owners.  They were a couple near their 70s that had come travel America from Alaska to Patagonia, obviously I asked them how long will their trip be, to which they answered that they didn’t know…6, 7, 8, 10 years…until we can do it!!  What a great way to retire!  It’s what I hope t do with Marjorie, my wife, who shares with me the pleasure to live enjoying the really important things in life and not the commercial simplicity that everybody tries to sell you.

Maybe I am philosophizing a little too much, but that’s life, we are not in this world only to study, work and do the same routine every day just waiting for the weekend…there is a whole world ready to be explored, people to meet, cultures to learn…have an open mind to different things and accept whatever comes with a simple thank you!  At the end of the day it’s the only thing we are taking with us to the grave, all the material things will stay and only our experiences will come with us.

But I will not bore you more, let’s tell you about our experience at Grand Teton NP; a very beautiful park formed by a snow peaked mountains and their surrounding lakes.  We saw spectacular views, ideal for photography, along a very congested road since it is summer, but even so it is a excellent option for those who enjoy hiking or cycling.

We continued north towards Yellowstone NP, an spectacular and very important, since it was the first national park in USA.  The first thing we saw were the mountains full of snow covered pines, they told us it had snowed the week before.  Along the road we could see the wild life that live in the area.  First we saw a black bear with her cub as they disappeared in the forest so fast we couldn’t take any pictures, then we saw buffalos that walked calmly along the road making us all on it hit the brakes.

The scenery was almost the same until we arrived to the geysers, specially the one called Old Faithfull, which we chose for the photos.  This park as a whole is a mega volcano, and even though it doesn’t erupt, it is active hundreds of kilometers underground, and if it should one day erupt, will destroy half of the United States.  With the smell of sulfur in the air and observing the fumaroles and “hot water pools”, we waited and hour and a half to watch the Geyser eruption.  I have to admit that I felt cheated, I was expecting something much more spectacular and maybe a more deafening and frightening sound, it only seem like a jet of hot water coming out of the earth…I have seen a much frightening event when a main water pipe breaks in Venezuela ja ja…

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