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Redneck Yacht Club

Before starting the expedition, we decided to visit a place known as the Redneck Yacht Club, located near Punta Gorda, and this way verify that the truck is working perfectly, test the video equipment and other stuff that we will be using during our adventure.

Redneck Yacht Club is a very big extension of land where a very singular event takes place.  We were surprised by the amount of people there, as well of the variety of vehicles and the “disorderly order” found there.   A series of roads, lakes, swamps, mud holes, puddles and other obstacles are available to “play” with the vehicles, there are no signs, rules of preference or nothing, everybody simply drives where they want respecting the space of other.    Alcoholic beverages are allowed, even while driving, something really strange considering we are in the United States, but everybody’s behavior is exemplary, everybody simply doing what they like without restrictions.  There are also some camping areas, bathrooms, food stands, music stand and a very enjoyable car wash where everybody gets completely wet!  Without any doubt this is a singular event, completely different to any other place I have visited, but one to which I will definitely come back from now on whenever possible.  For more information visit:

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