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Bonneville Salt Flats

Yeap, I'm lucky, I had to fly to Salt Lake City again... and my 80 series is right there, waiting for me... But is still with the front ring and pinion broke, so I had to use it only in 2wd and coordinate with a auto repair shop to repair it before I left. Taking that into consideration, I planned to go to Bonneville Salt Flats, a destination that has evade me for years, never had the time, wasn't in the route or weather too bad... but never had the chance, and this time is it!!

Just... WOW!! This is the kind of places that leaves you astonished and with your mouth opened. The blinding white of the salt, the intense blue of the sky and the vast space around you, made a perfect contrast with the mountains at the horizon. It remember me "Travesia 6 Fronteras" an expedition trough South America that I made years ago, in which we visited the famous Salar de Uyuni, the difference of course is the size of the "Salar". The Bolivian version is the world's largest Salt Flat with 4,086 sq miles.... Bonneville Salt Flats is only 40 sq miles is like the grandson...

Another big difference is the average altitude of the salt flats... Bonneville is at 4,219 feet and Uyuni is at 11,995 feet. But the freedom that you feel driving in this terrain grows trough your veins and remembers you that this life is to live it and enjoy it.

After a while, I left the flats and headed to Wendover Nevada, a small town with casinos and hotels. I had lunch and try my luck in the roulet, as always, I won with my lucky numbers, but lost it all again because of greed, lol. Almost dark had come so I got back to SLC to spend the night.

The day after, I went to make a visit to Kurt Williams at Cruiser Outfitters, he helped me finding a shop to repair my front diff. so, I took my truck to State Automotive and Dustin took care of my 80. It feel weird to left her in a shop so far and for so long, I didn't know when I would be back.

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