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Overland Challenge Spring 2016

Our Team went again to the Overland Challenge Series, this time, a small mistake put us away from the podium... but it was Fun anyway!

Toyota 200 series

Francisco Osorio and Alejandro Cabrera

Toyota 80 Series

Leonardo Chindemi And Rodolfo Remien

The Ozark Overland Challenge takes place in the Ozark National Forest. The National Forest envelops most of the northwest section quadrant of Arkansas. To the north you have the Buffalo River - Our nations first National River - and Mark Twain National Forest. To the south, the Arkansas River Valley, Ouachita National Forest and Hot Springs National Park. The western side of the National Forest is bordered by the Boston Mountains and several State Parks. The Eastern side will lead you to Wooly Hollow State Park and eventually the Mississippi River Basin (after lots of farm land!). The Ozarks have a rich history, apparent with a stop at any rural cemetery or homestead.