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CruiserFest 2016

Our trip to Colorado and Utah States in the month of September has been programmed to assist to the famous event that attract a large number of Land Cruisers lovers. This was my second time at this event including the 3 days camping guided trip with locals fellows whom shows us the wonderful sites that Utah has to offer.

CruiserFest is a gathering of off-road enthusiasts with a love for Toyota Land Cruisers, this year was smaller that in the past because they moved the meeting location to the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in Salt lake City, but the best part of this experience is the trail ride to it, I have to thanks Kurt Williams for his work guiding a bunch of toyotas and teaching us about our surroundings, we had the pleasure to meet wonderful people that shares our passion, now they became our friends. The last day was at the museum, admiring the huge collection of Land Cruisers displayed and hearing the conference from the Canguro Racing Team and the founder of the event and museum; Greg Miller. This event is so special that I'm sure I will be going again and again.


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