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Colorado-Utah 2016

The Midwest has always got my attention, I know that the States of Colorado and Utah are amazing for overlanders. From deserts to Mountains, from sand to snow, there are infinite trails, public lands and parks to visit. I had the pleasure to visit these states several times, but this one, I went with my family to show them why I am so in love with these States.

Is a long way from South Florida to Colorado, so I decided that the best thing to do was to drive alone to Denver International Airport and pickup my wife and daughter there. I took a lot of pics, but just upload a few to get you the idea... it was a wonderful vacation and that was just the beginning, we were heading to Moab to meet with some friends in order to get to the Cruiserfest in Salt Lake City... and the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum... do I need to say more? don't think so... the rest of the pics can be viewed in our Facebook page OGE 4X4

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