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Adventure is Everywhere

Sometimes people think that adventures are far away in another State, Country or even Continent. Nothing more far from the truth, of course the far you go, the difference is bigger of what you are used to, but you can find adventure and have a really great time in your backyard. You have to start exploring every corner of your city, county and state before you think in planning an expedition somewhere else... Is really a shame when people can talk you about a lot of places but they don't even know their own.

The most important thing is getting out there!! go Camping! enjoy the outdoors! if you can not camp this weekend, ok! let's get together in a Park and make a barbecue! The people that surround you is who makes you enjoy this little "adventures" there is always something happening that make want to get together again, and don't forget that this is the way that the big ideas of expeditions comes to the light, in a weekend meeting.

That's why every time we can, we go to Picayune, Okaloacoochee, Spirit of the Wild, Lazy Springs, Ocala, Citrus or even just Markham Park! to have the little taste of the adventure and want more! Thanks to everyone that makes our weekends an Adventure!!



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