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Fri, Aug 30


North West Florida (Apalachicola NF)

3rd Overlanders Xperience 2019 OX3 Brigal Cup

Join this Adventure of exploring the outdoors in a fun way

Registration is Closed
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3rd Overlanders Xperience 2019 OX3 Brigal Cup
3rd Overlanders Xperience 2019 OX3 Brigal Cup

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2019, 12:00 PM – Sep 02, 2019, 11:00 AM

North West Florida (Apalachicola NF)

About the event

2019 Overlanders Xperience Championship

Overlanders Xperience is an organized adventure in which participants will have to follow a series of waypoints in a predetermined distance and time frame, overcoming obstacles and challenges in order to get the less penalization points to win the Xperience. It will be 2 days of driving (Saturday Afternoon & Sunday all day) you may arrive on Friday (additional fee on site) and spend the 3 nights camping until Monday (Labor Day)(Saturday and Sunday Night camping are included). In this event we are going to use a private property where special challenges will take place. Xperience Check-In is open Friday 12:00P.M to 10:00P.M. and Saturday From 7:00A.M. to 11:00A.M., Competition will be on Saturday and Sunday returning to base camp at night on both journeys.

This is not a speed race, not a guided trip either. A GPS Tracker Device will be installed in each vehicle by our technical team to verify your track, participants will have to navigate by themselves in between checkpoints in the time and distance allotted in a road book that they will be given. Estimated driving time for each day is 7 hours but it could be more. We will have a Base Camp suited for all participants that will have basic facilities, a raffle will be hold on Saturday night and the awards of the last event will be given to the winners. Winners of this event will be announced via social media and our website on the following weeks and awards will take place on the next Xperience.

Overlanders Xperience 2019 consist of 4 races throughout the year and divided in 2 categories. Each team will accumulate points towards the general classification which at the end of the season will determine the overall 2019 Champion.

The Two Categories are: Standard & Modified.

Requirements for each category are specifically explained in the Rules and Regulations document available at our website, the main differences are as follow:


Team must be integrated by Two (2) Vehicles

4X4 Vehicles with low range transfer case.

Tires must be at least 33” and must not exceed 37” in diameter

Operating Winch, a tree trunk protector and recovery gloves

Operating Snorkel

Radio communication system

NO Minors admitted in this category.


4X4 Vehicles with low range transfer case

Tires must not exceed 37” in diameter

Each Xperience will take place in areas that are approved for off road driving and will have connecting stages consisting of streets, highways, freeways, and such. Each Xperience will take place in different areas, including different states; this means that those competitors seeking the overall championship will have to travel considerable distances to assist to each event.

The general area where the race will take place is announced once the registration opens. Base Camp location will be announced 3 days before the event and the route will be emailed two days before each Xperience.

All Participants MUST sign a Waiver to participate in this event and comply all the requirements stated in the OX Rules and Regulations.

Overlanders Xperience

Categories and Requirements

4x4 Categories (Standard & Modified):

1. Any brand vehicle that is 4WD capable with Low Range transfer case is allowed in the event.

2. The vehicle MUST be DOT Street Legal (Tagged, Registered and Insured).

3. The vehicle may have any brand or type of tires that does not exceed 37” in diameter for Standard and Modified Categories.

4. The vehicle must be in optimal operating conditions so the safety of its occupants and everyone else participating can be preserved.

5. Each vehicle is REQUIRED to have the following:

5.1 One Snatch Strap and Two shackles.

5.2 First Aid kit

5.3 Spare tire and spare tire kit (Jack, Wheel Lock key, Lug Wrench)

5.4 Water or hydrating beverages enough for all occupants for three days. (at least ½ Gal per person per day is recommended)

5.5 Snacks & Bites enough for all occupants for three days; you will not have time to stop for lunch

5.6 GPS navigation system capable of coordinate input and track recording, with downloaded maps (Vehicle’s built-in GPS will not work) We recommend Gaia GPS App.

5.7 Cellphone and car cellphone charger. Store the Logistic Support phone number: 954-406-1842.

5.8 Camping gear that can protect you from the outdoors (Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, etc.)

5.9 Bug Repellent

5.10 $30 dollars in single-dollar bills that will cover WMA’s entry fees.

6. It is absolutely forbidden to carry glass containers inside the vehicle for this event. Those who wish to bring alcoholic beverages can do so but only on plastic/metal containers and can only be consumed on camping area and once the vehicle is parked. There is a ZERO tolerance for drinking/driving and/or open containers inside the vehicle.

7. Any vehicle that cannot meet these requirements will not be allowed to participate in the event and there will be no refunds.

Additional Requirements for “Modified” Category:

1. The “Team” MUST be integrated by TWO (2) Vehicles

2. Both vehicles may have any brand or type of tires of at least 33’’ but that does not exceed 37” in diameter.

3. Both vehicles must have an operating Winch, a tree trunk protector and recovery gloves.

4. Both vehicles must have an operating Snorkel

5. Both vehicles must have a radio communication system to keep in touch with each other.

6. NO Minors admitted in this category

All attendees MUST sign Waiver & Release in order to participate.


  • Modified OX 3

    This Ticket covers One (1) Vehicle for Modified Category, Driver & Co-Driver. (Teams for Modified category MUST be integrated by TWO Vehicles, remember to have another vehicle registered for your team)

    Sold Out
  • Standard OX 3

    This Ticket covers One (1) Vehicle for Standard Category, Driver & Co-Driver.

    Sold Out
  • OX 3 Passenger

    This ticket covers One Passenger for any 4X4 Category (Modified or Standard)

    Sale ended
  • OX Minor Under 10 Years Old

    ONLY FOR STANDARD CATEGORY: This is a Free Ticket for a Minor under 10 years old (Must be accompanied by at least one Parent and have a signed waiver by both parents) No minors admitted for Modified Category.

    Sale ended
  • Support Vehicle/Trailer or RV

    This ticket covers parking, camping and storage of ONE (1) Vehicle and ONE (1) Trailer at Base Camp during the event or ONE (1) RV

    Sale ended
  • Advertisement Fee

    Any Advertisement bigger than 12 inches displayed on vehicles must buy this ticket. 4X4 Clubs and Nonprofit Organizations are exempt .

    Sale ended



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